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Empowering Healthcare Providers

What We Do

Watershed Health is a community-wide care coordination platform that empowers providers to deliver seamless care and improve patient outcomes

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Patient-centric health record

Access essential patient data in a single convenient location for more informed clinical decision making  

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Real-time data sharing

Receive timely, relevant patient data from all care team members as soon as it's created

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Advanced data analytics

Uncover valuable insights into key patient populations to drive forward value based care and population health management initiatives

Care Coordination

Care coordination metrics

As providers share data and collaborate, Watershed uses transparent, real-time quality metrics to measure and incentivize care coordination activities

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Social determinants of health

Screen for social determinants of health (SDOH) and connect patients with community-based resources that can address their identified needs

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Seamless integration

Our solution effortlessly integrates with existing tools, systems, and workflows, minimizing implementation time and effort

Uniting the Healthcare Community

Who We Serve

At Watershed Health, we believe everyone plays a vital role in advancing patient care. Our platform connects health plans, hospitals, post-acute care, primary care providers, community-based organizations, and more to streamline communication, improve care coordination, and enhance patient outcomes. By facilitating seamless data sharing and collaboration across the entire healthcare ecosystem, we empower all stakeholders to deliver more effective and efficient care. 

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"Using Watershed has enabled us to save ~$5M in our first year with payers, and we expect the savings to grow in future years."

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"We were data rich but we were poor in getting meaningful information. Post-acute analytics alone don't tell a community how to improve. Watershed allowed us to translate that data into something more actionable and real-time."

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"Watershed makes it easy to see where we fit into each patient's optimal care plan."

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"The better we are at keeping patients comfortable at home, the more time they have with the people they love. This is why we do what we do, and we're grateful that Watershed has helped us achieve that mission."

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