Watershed for Hospitals

Hospital readmissions is one of the most troublesome and costly challenges in healthcare today and cannot be solved by hospitals alone. Watershed’s Unified Health Platform was created to solve this problem.

How Hospitals Get Started

  1. Watershed integrates seamlessly with your EHR.
  2. Watershed Health Advisors train your staff.
  3. You are now connected to the extended care community.

Watershed for Post-Acute Providers

Patients with chronic diseases, responsible for 90% of healthcare utilization, tend to have multiple conditions and multiple sources of care. Unfortunately, their care providers do not have a good way to coordinate with one another, leading to collaboration failures and negative health outcomes.

How Post-Acute Care Providers Get Started

  1. Setting up a Watershed account is free, quick and easy.
  2. Convenient online training ensures your staff is ready and able to participate.
  3. Watershed is also available to provide support as needed.

Watershed for Patients

Managing a chronic condition and all of the healthcare providers involved in your treatment can be stressful and confusing. If your provider has partnered with Watershed Health, you now have access to help. Watershed makes it easy for all of your providers to stay in touch, understand what’s best for you and assist you as you make sense of everything related to your health.