Case Study

Springhill Medical Center – How Watershed Went Beyond Traditional Care Management to Dramatically Reduce Readmissions 

With so many care management software companies in existence today, it’s difficult for health systems to know which patient care coordination software, post acute referral tools or other health technology is right for them.

Learn how one hospital broke the mode of traditional patient care coordination software, working with the Watershed platform to improve patient outcomes and teach other providers in the community to do the same. 

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Case Study Excerpt:

Springhill integrated the Watershed post acute care management platform into their existing EHR and workflows in less than 4 weeks and Watershed proved its value quickly. “With Watershed, I could handle my patients more effectively, and in half the time,” said Springhill Care Coordinator Janel Oestriecher. Additionally, Watershed’s novel risk stratification process helped uncover patients most at risk for adverse outcomes such as avoidable hospital readmission. But the unparalleled difference was that Watershed leveraged existing hospital and post-acute network resources to drive better patient outcomes. “It turns out that the resources we needed to be successful were here all along,” explained Springhill CEO Jeff St. Clair. He quickly rallied the hospital’s post-acute care providers around this new option.