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Be empowered with real-time alerts, secure collaboration, and comprehensive tools like referral management, secure communication, and real-time information. Spend more time on patient care with a 50% reduction on time associated with care coordination. All this while increasing patient satisfaction – and it’s free.

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Stop Chasing Records

Get all the patient information you need in one place, with access to historical and real-time clinical documents

Spend more time on patient care

Providers and staff using Watershed spend 50% less time on care coordination activities

Enhancing Quality Outcomes

Improve care coordination for patients between acute care and community settings and achieve transitional care management (TCM) goals

Prevent Alert Fatigue

Tailor alerts to receive only those that are most clinically consequential

Hospital-Grade Tools

Robust, free tools including: referral management, patient navigation, remote patient monitoring, and population health analytics

Real-Time Alerts

Stay informed with real-time alerts when your patient is admitted or discharged from the hospital, and track their movement throughout the healthcare community

Social Determinants of Health

Assess social determinants of health (SDOH) and connect patients with community resources in one platform

Real-Time Collaboration

Collaborate and share patient data with all members of a patient’s care team – including behavioral health specialists – while ensuring full compliance with HIPAA regulations

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